When it comes to sex, every race is known for something. We can probably agree stereotypes are bad business but chances are somehow, someway, we’re all buying into a bit of the ridiculousness.


Being an Asian woman myself, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called China Doll. There are so many things wrong with this phrase, starting with the fact that no, I am not Chinese.

Asian women are hyper-sexualized in a way that is opposite of black women but just as potent. They are submissive, petite, dainty little creatures with, apparently, vaginal canals the size of a straw. The exoticism lies not in their curves but their lack of them; it lies in their subtleties and their feminine meekness, their readiness to treat your Yellow Fever.

Asian men, however, are just the opposite. They are sub-masculine, sub-sexuals with a small penis to go with their small stature. No wonder Asian girls are looking elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. Asian men just can’t give it. Why else would Details Magazine publish a “Gay or Asian?” piece?

The peculiar problem with Asian sexual stereotypes is it lies in complete juxtaposition with social stereotypes. One one hand, Asians are viewed as smart, capable, and even nerdy people and on the other, sexually, they’re completely lacking. The men can’t perform and the women can’t fight back.



Say it with me, “Once you go black, you never go back.”

Black men and women are freaks in the sheets. Invite one to bed and they’ll be breaking headboards left and right. Hair-pulling, spanking, and nasty talk is the name of the game when it comes to Black people and sex.

Plus, if you’re a white couple in need of a little spice in the bedroom, you’re looking for a thug or a ghetto sista’ from the hood to teach you a thing or two. BBCs and thick asses all around. Or at least, that’s what porn taught me.

Unfortunately, though, these stereotypes run deep–really, really deep. Since the era of slavery and before, those of African descent have been coined animalistic, brutish, and uncivilized. Perpetuating the same stereotypes which helped oppress a people for centuries today is probably not the best way to move away from that oppression.


White folks have an unusual relationship with stereotypes, sexual and non-sexual. For one, there’s a lot of stereotypes, some of which completely contradict each other. One that persists, however, especially in porn, is that they’re loose, easy, and not-so bright.

Sex Toys for Men

Like, oh my god. White girls are ditzy, dense cheerleaders with big (fake) boobs, blond hair, and permanent duck-face. They’re crazy in bed and usually it’s the sloppy kind of crazy. Just think white-girl-drunk.

Dude, come on, bruh. White guys on the other hand, are just as ditzy and dense–frat boys with big egos and a limited vocabulary. They travel in packs wearing boat shoes, Chubbies shorts, and sleeveless shirts, starting and ending every sentence with some variation of “bro.” These guys are the epitome of sleaze.

The problem with these stereotypes is, of course, they only target a niche population: the fraternity and sorority types. White people, however, like any kind of people, are a whole lot more than their count of douchebags.


Latin lovers, anybody? Yes, please! Latinos are sex reincarnated. This is a fact. Period.

Male or female, you can expect them to give the love-making of your life. Somehow hispanic men and women will be able to make sex sensual, sultry, sweet, and carnal all at once–because they’re magical like that. Did we mention hispanics are just nice to look at, too?

This all sounds fantastic, but what happens with this kind of image is you get something along the lines of a walking sex-doll. They’re a pretty face and a hot body, something to oggle and drool over, but never much else. This isn’t just in porn either, it’s on the streets and on TV. Hispanic men and women lack representation that goes beyond just their sexual capacities.

In Conclusion

Stereotypes about race when it comes to sex are just that: racial stereotypes. Sometimes they’re silly but they’re never harmless. Their existence in porn is practically ubiquitous and shameless, reflecting a side of society that no one wants to fess up to.

The videos that Sensory Fuse produces, and others that the Feminist Porn Awards recognize, seek to go beyond these binaries. . We’re so excited to share our video with you so stay tuned for our release on sensoryfuse.tv!

Do you have any stereotypes you’re tired of seeing? Share them in the comments below!

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