While Sex Tape has been criticized for skirting around the pornographic nature of its plot (where a couple whose sex life has fizzled makes a sex tape to rekindle the flame), lead actress Cameron Diaz has whole wholeheartedly embraced this racy genre in the past. While many publications claim that this will be the first movie where Cameron will be nude, the internet tells a different story.

cameron diaz topless bdsm

This still is taken from a behind the scenes video of a BDSM shoot that Diaz participated in when she was 19 years old. That aerosol can in her hand is what stars would use to make their nipples hard for the shoot. (Now you know the secret to rock hard titties!)

The photos taken during this shoot have never been published due to a lawsuit that Diaz won against the photographer who attempted to blackmail her,  but you can find one video of the photo-shoot (NSFW) on Youtube while the other is on this (also NSFW) website which has adorably atrocious English.

Diaz, however, is not the only star who has a saucy, sultry past. Other big names such as Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger also have some very naked skeletons in their closet.  In the Golden Age of Porn it was actually quite common for stars to transition from porn to PG but as the overall quality of adult film has fallen, the stigma related to being in it has risen.

As technology expands into every facet of our lives, less and less of what we do can ever truly be kept a secret. That’s why we, here at Sensory Fuse, try to only make porn that its stars can be proud of. Of course, the stigma around being in a sex film is so strong that many don’t care whether it was a positive experience that celebrated authentic pleasure and respect, but as alternative and forward thinking adult film companies make headway, hopefully this will change.