Sex education in schools is a topic that has a tendency to get politicians on both sides all hot and bothered. As a result of this bottleneck of information, many young people, now with the internet at their fingertips, are discovering the finer details of sexual activity all on their own. What better way to do this than with sex-ed cartoons….right?

I’ll let you be the judge. I’ve rounded up here the 5 most ridiculous sex-ed cartoons online. Do you think they provide accurate and adequate information?

1) Sexpectations- collegehumor.com
This video explores some of the more absurd misconceptions children may have about sexuality.

2) Sex Education Advert- Kieran Sullivan
Pac-Man gets sexy.

3) The Puberty Pals- thebsquad.com
This is truly the most ridiculous/absurd/outlandish sex-ed video online.

4) Mario Sex Education- ebaumsworld.com
In this video, a lasagna lovin’ Mario and other beloved Nintento characters help us understand puberty and STD prevention.

5) Morning Sex Education in Belgium
Apparently this rather strange video was aired on children’s morning television in Belgium.

So what did I discover in my search for interesting sex-ed cartoons? Well, a lot of Hentai, which really is the opposite of informative, and a fair amount of silly sounding penis tour guides, but no pussy professors. All I can say is, if those who oppose sex education in schools saw what the alternative was, they just might have a change of heart.